Fruit dumplings

A broad term for the pride of Czech cuisine, which has thousands of variations. Not only that fruit ganache varies depending on what fruits just growing, but also the types of dumplings are countless. From leavened, over those of cottage cheese and puff pastry, … The most typical are the plum dumplings, which are mentioned in the cookbook already in the 17th century. He took to them as French gourmet Edouard de Pomiane, which is ranked among the ten best foods of the world, as well as Czech writer Jan Neruda, who wrote about them one of his short essays.

Here is the recipe for leavened dumplings:

4 serves, preparation time 1 hour



  • 1 cube of yeast
  • 2 pinches of salt
  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 6 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 eggs


  • any fruit (plumbs, apricots, strawberries, …) or plum butter or jam


  • to taste – sugar, melted butter, curd cheese, poppy, cinnamon, roasted breadcrumbs, …

Preparation process:

Pour the flour into a bowl and make a dent. Pour into it a little lukewarm milk and yeast crumble. Mix with a little flour, sprinkle with sugar, cover with a cloth and leave to rise in warm yeast. Then add salt, eggs, milk if necessary and knead the dough that will not stick to the sides of the bowl. Again let the dough in a warm place to rise. From the leavened dough create dumplings and fill them with fruit or some jam. Fruit dumplings cook in boiling water with the lid on for about 5 minutes, but it depends on the size of the dumplings. Turn them and cook uncovered for another 3 minutes. Dumplings after removing from the water perforate with a fork or skewer to escape the steam from them. At the end sprinkle the dumplings with the curd cheese, sugar or want you want, pour melted butter a serve immediately.

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