Přesňáky or Patenty or Lokše (Slovak title) are pancakes made from a simple potato dough, baked dry fat-free. On the Moravia they are prepared rather in sweet version, ie. spread with jam and sprinkled with poppy seeds. The second variant is, for example, is as an attachment to the cabbage and goose in St. Martin’s celebrations in mid-November, when is traditionally served young wine too.

For 8 pancakes


  • 500 g of potatoes cooked in their skins in salted water
  • 200 g plain flour + a little flour on the counter
Variants on meeting patties:
  • a) – jam, ground poppy seeds, butter
  • b) – goose or duck liver with onions, goose fat

– Roast goose or duck with roasted juice and gently stewed sauerkraut

Preparation process:

Peel and grate potatoes cooked in their skin. Add the flour, mix it by hand, mash and knead to smooth tougher dough. Divide it the dough into eight parts. Roll out thin pancakes and bake them immediately in a dry, moderately hot stove-plate, or a dry heavy iron skillet. Cook them until they pop out on the blisters, then turn and fry on the other side. Přesňáky can soak up goose juice (typical in Slovakia) and serve with cabbage and goose. Or you can serve the sweet variety (rather in South Moravia) spread with jam with cinnamon and rum, sprinkled with poppy seeds with sugar and then rolled as crepes. When serving, you can pour them with melted butter.

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