Another major alcoholic beverage, which is typical for the Czech Republic, is the rum. The most famous Czech products is the “Tuzemský rum” (typical Czech, domestic rum). It is actually a substitute for true rum that is flavoured with rum food alcohol essences. Rum has a very distinctive smell, golden colour and delicious taste especially.
Right rum is a drink that is produced from molasses or from the juice, which is obtained from sugar cane. This label is used worldwide for a drink that was actually made from sugar cane. Which Czech domestic rum really is not. Compared to the right rum, these substitutes pronounced flavour.

Tuzemský rum” originated in the 19th century as a substitute for Caribbean rum. Over the time, rum gained greater and greater popularity. This was mainly due to its low price. Classic “Tuzemský rum” is a suitable raw material for cooking, or for excellent grog. Originally, this ersatz rum marked as “tea rum” or “rum for cooking.” Currently the right name is only “Tuzemský rum”.

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