Plum brandy

The most popular spirit is plum brandy, also slivovitz or slivovitsa (in Czech “slivovice”). It is a distilled alcoholic beverage popular in Central Europe and the Balkans. In the Czech Republic it is popular especially in Moravia region (Valašsko). It is made from plums and has between 40 and 55 percent alcohol. Popular is also domestic production. Currently, this drink is manufactured in different variants. Great popularity has both classic white plum, gold or gold plum brandy kosher. Very popular are also drinks like plum brandy, but made from fruits other – for example, from apricots, apples, pears, cherries, nuts, etc.

Production of plum brandy:

The basis for the production of quality slivovitz is leaven. The fruit should ferment at least 6 weeks. In the case of homemade fruit stones and carefully remove stems and rotten fruit. The whole production process is conducted in distilleries. After burning plum brandy must be matured in stainless tanks. Store it is appropriate to the temperature of 12 ° C. The storage time is the most appropriate for 8-12 months. This results in a much smoother and more harmonious flavour and aroma.

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