Kofola is a carbonated soft drink type wheel, which was established in Czechoslovakia as an alternative to the then inaccessible rival drinks Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Kofola, the original name Kofocola, founded in 1959 at the Research Institute of Medicinal Plants in Prague. Kofola experienced a golden period in the seventies. After the coup, its sales decreased significantly due to market opening and competition from other beverages. At the end of the 90s it experienced a big comeback and is still very popular.

It consists of a mixture of 14 herbs and fruit juices seasoned liquorice. Compared with Pepsi or Coca-cola contains 30% less sugar, slightly more caffeine (15 mg/100 ml, Coca-Cola 9.6 mg/100 ml), and does not contain phosphoric acid.

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